The critical universe around Game of Thrones.

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Story of Fair Game

Fair Game is a documentary about the phenomenon of Game of Thrones, HBO’s hit epic fantasy.

Thanks to modern communications and cultural zeitgeist, Game of Thrones has become one of the most widely discussed subjects in the world, with millions of people from all over the planet participating in online arguments about the show. A significant number of those participants are highly critical of Game of Thrones – which is noteworthy in itself, as TV shows aren’t usually watched nor followed by people who dislike them. However, the many complaints are completely ignored by the mainstream media, which uniformly promotes the message that only a laughable minority of “nerds” could possibly have anything against Game of Thrones.

That is the topic of our interest: Why is the voice of dissent left behind? Why would any legitimate opinion, and especially one that is shared by huge number of people, be ignored and marginalized? What makes Game of Thrones so special, that the critique of it gets silenced?

We have tried to explore that topic in interviews with fans and professionals, through questions about Game of Thrones, television, drama, media, conformism, cultural models and Internet freedom.

Fair Game which centers on Game of Thrones is intended to be the first in a series of similar investigatory documentaries to be released on the Internet, the most open medium in history. Which is why the entire series and this website are titled The Internet Remembers.

As readers of the A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF) book saga – George R.R. Martin’s source material for Game of Thrones – will know, The Internet Remembers is a title modeled after the phrase “The North remembers” from the novels. Of course, that is no coincidence, as the love for ASOIAF is the foundation on which we have based this documentary.

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Of course, a single documentary can influence only so much. This movie is, therefore, supposed to be the first in a series of similar endeavors, titled The Internet Remembers. Our future projects will also be about A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, other TV dramas of our time, modern literature, media responsibility, Internet freedom, and other topics that revolve around the main themes of the Fair Game.

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